Step Deck Trucking

Are you looking for step deck trucking companies?

We arrange step deck trailers for your oversized cargo shipping services. We transport step deck loads throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, working with an extensive network of experienced, professional carriers specializing in over-dimensional and oversize transport.

Dimensional and oversize transport. Our team of qualified logisticians manages and monitors your shipment, ensuring your cargo’s safe and timely delivery at competitive prices. Golden Carrier Inc’s experienced staff will determine if your loaded cargo height would require the utilization of a step deck/drop deck trailer. additionally, 95% of all drivers pulling step deck trailers carry with them a full set of drop tarps to stay water and road grime from damaging cargo with electronics or new machinery that’s freshly painted, ensuring your cargo will arrive in fitness.

Why is Star Flatbeds one of the best step deck trucking companies to hire?

Avoid Height permit Issue

Easier To Handle

Transport Diverse Cargo

We provide Competitive shipping rates with various transportation

The floor of a step-deck trailer drops down after clearing the tractor unit, which provides additional clearance to transport cargo that surpasses the height threshold of traditional flatbed trailers. Step-deck trailers are commonly called drop-decks. We offers a number of other transportation services as well. We will help you find the right shipment method to transport your load as efficiently as possible in reasonable cost..